The Bagan Temple Marathon trip was fantastic. I had one of the best holidays that I can recall. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well organised the whole trip was (given that it’s the first time) and also at how luxurious the hotels / resorts were. I would strongly recommend the trip to anyone considering it.The marathon was great, but challenging because of the heat. The Bagan Temple area is fascinating, and running through it was great. The second half of the marathon became a matter of survival, however, as it got incredibly hot. Pretty slow times, but who cares. The experience was great.
Peter Finch, December 2013

Absolutely fantastic experience.  So glad to have competed in this event, despite the 42 degree temp on the day.  Burma was amazing and the Tour Guides who we dealt with were extremely informative, personable, fun and professional.   We met some great people from around the world who we have continued to keep in touch with.  Highly recommend this event, it was well organised, a true adventure marathon, great to experience Burma before it becomes another Thailand …..  For me the highlight of the trip also was the Balloon ride over the Bagan Temples, as well as finishing the race!!!
Denise Coult, December 2013