These major events, although being very big in terms of numbers, are very well organised. The host city embraces the event and the runners, and a real carnival atmosphere is present.

Once you get there, having the Travelling Fit team there to help is priceless. The comfort of their experience makes for a calm and collected race with little to worry about.

I actually got my own qualifying spot but chose to do the trip with Travelling Fit after the great experience my wife and I had on the New York marathon trip with them last year.

The atmosphere seemed very calm. Although most of us were soaking wet and knew we would be running in wet shoes, it seemed to be a get on and do it attitude.

This was a really tough race mainly due to my own rookie mistakes. I used to run my block at home which is all hills and found then getting onto marathon courses that were flat, i would feel very strong and fast. I have been doing triathlons and Iron Man events for the last couple of years which has really improved my fitness but most of our running is on beach paths which are quite flat.

When I got onto the Boston course which has very few flat parts, I knew i was in for a tough day. But I love learning from mistakes so I will not be making that one again. It’s the only marathon that I have done where I couldn’t sprint to the finish line. I was totally cooked. But when it came into sight, and the crowds cheering, the hairs on the back of my neck stood tall and i knew it was all worth it.

I ended up doing 3:25 which was slower than I hoped but am always grateful for being able to do these things.

Running has become a part of my life and I am now at the stage in life where my wife and I can travel around the world. I can compete in these events and have her full support and we can enjoy the accomplishment together, especially as the marathon finish line is like no other.

Boston was my second trip with Travelling Fit and we have already requested spots for London next year, and I intend doing all my majors and other marathons with them.

It is especially good for my wife as a supporter as she is made to feel just as important as I am and she is taken to all the best vantage points by the Travelling Fit crew, which is no simple task in these events. I did my first major (Berlin) with another company and the experience was like chalk and cheese.

Needless to say we are sticking with Travelling Fit.