I just wanted to pass on a huge thanks for the wonderful runs I’ve just returned from! Medoc and Berlin were a blast, incredibly well organised and fun from end to end (except for a bit in the middle there, but it was a very long way!) I truly appreciated Lee’s gorgeous warm and professional nature, our groups were diverse ...Read More
Kathryn Levey, WA Berlin Marathon - Germany
This is just a short note of thanks and appreciation for the efforts by you and your team. I've recovered well from Berlin and started back with some easy running!!! Racing in an unknown part of the world always brings about some mixed feelings and anxiety. However, meeting Achim and the team soon settled all that. Achim, Axyl, Marsha and ...Read More
Wayne Spies, QLD Berlin Marathon - Germany
I want to congratulate the entire Travelling Fit organisation for the outstanding job you did to ensure that we were all looked after from the very first moment that we arrived in New York. The meet and greet gave me an opportunity to meet some lovely Ozzies with whom I was able to spend time and accompany to events, especially on the ...Read More
Carolyn Colling, SA New York City Marathon - USA
The Travelling Fit NYC Marathon package met and exceeded! When you can go to a roof top bar and share a few drinks and quality nibbles, then hit the dance floor with new found friends after your first marathon ....I felt 18 not is good :) Seriously, the team managed to walk the line between professionalism and friendship so ...Read More
Susan Brial, VIC New York City Marathon - USA
Just wanted to let you know that we had such a great time at a great event. Travelling Fit rep was amazing and went above and beyond and provided great support and knowledge throughout our stay. This trip has been my best in terms of forming new friendships which will continue into the future. I would just like to thank Travelling Fit over the...Read More
Jarrod Dempster, VIC London Marathon - UK
I would like to thank you for helping me organise my trip to Cape Town and enter the 2 oceans run. Everything went smoothly and we had a great time. We really enjoyed the area and hope to go back for a visit. The Vineyard hotel was spectacular we had lots of fun. Good choice thank you. The race was very tough and we got a warm day to help the ...Read More
Anne Ziogos, VIC Two Oceans Marathon - South Africa
The weekend was probably the best weekend I’ve had in Australia since I arrived here almost 5 years ago. From the moment that I landed to being dropped off at the airport, I wanted for nothing and everything had been thought of by you guys. The tours that I went on were incredible and so well organised. The hotel was spot on, with a really ...Read More
Colin Dunne, NSW Australian Outback Marathon - Australia
A dream that has come true. Before leaving for the Australian outback, I would never have imagined running in these fairy-tale landscapes, on this red earth, with a cobalt blue sky, savouring the scent of absolute freedom, in the silence of nature, where the only noise was that of my breath. It was a journey with myself and I will always carry...Read More
Monica Pennati, ITALY Australian Outback Marathon - Australia
It is fantastic to hear that the entire Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP) Squad finished this year’s New York City Marathon. I ran with one of them for a short while on the day. Their stories were all incredibly heartfelt. IMP is a snowball of humanity at its best. I have copied others on this email as all will want to hear this wonderful ...Read More
Geoff Donohue, WA New York City Marathon - USA
The hotel used for the Berlin Marathon was fantastic with nice big rooms and great location. A winner! Also, the city tour in Berlin was brilliant! Travelling Fit puts a lot of thought and effort into giving their runners a wonderful experience. Well done!Read More
Peter Stelmach, QLD Berlin Marathon - Germany

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