I cannot fault the level of detail and contact from Travelling Fit.  Having Travelling Fit organise all the logistics of getting there enabled me to focus on my training without worrying.. everything was perfect. I loved everything about the trip, it was challenging both during the race and before and after but that's what you sign up for!...Read More
Reid Hamilton, WA Marathon des Sables - Morocco
We just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful experience of our trip to China and the Great Wall. We enjoyed it thoroughly and had a fantastic time. Thank you again for your professionalism, friendliness and kindness it was an amazing experience that we will never forget.Read More
Sharon Jones & Bill Angus, WA Great Wall Marathon - China
This is the first time I had ever used the Travelling Fit experience. I can’t fault any of the team contacts both before and during the run. Didn’t have to ask for anything, all the information was timely and easy to understand. My New York City Half Marathon experience with Travelling Fit was fantastic. This was a bucket list item for me ...Read More
Patrick Mckinnon, VIC New York City Half Marathon - USA
I am very impressed with everything you guys did and being our first trip overseas it was made extremely easy by you. Thank you. You provided us with every service including booking us easy to travel flights, extra accommodation, dinner on the Eifel tower, airport transfers and transfers and dinner at Moulin rouge. I am and will continue to ...Read More
Michelle Munn, QLD Paris Marathon - France
We have only positive feedback! The service provided was brilliant - particularly when we were asking for 'unique' entry arrangements for the Athens Marathon. It was wonderful considering we did all of the arrangements via email. Travellling Fit found and arranged additional flights for us and advised us on some Europe based travel. We will ...Read More
Emily Harrison, NSW Athens Marathon, the Authentic - Greece
The Travelling Fit NYC Marathon package met and exceeded! When you can go to a roof top bar and share a few drinks and quality nibbles, then hit the dance floor with new found friends after your first marathon ....I felt 18 not is good :) Seriously, the team managed to walk the line between professionalism and friendship so ...Read More
Susan Brial, VIC New York City Marathon - USA
I want to thank Travelling Fit for having such friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff both in Australia and on the ground overseas and for giving me the opportunity to be more than I ever thought I could be. Once again the Travelling Fit team had it all sorted and they made sure we had a wonderful experience. All we had to do was run :)Read More
Susan Brial, VIC Paris Marathon - France
I’m pleased to report that we had a great time and the itinerary ran like clockwork!. On-time flights, no lost bags, very comfortable lodgings in the Lucerne, and the marathon was a blast. On a personal level it was very satisfying to get to both the start line and the finish, and the hospitality shown the Travelling Fit team was terrific. ...Read More
Chris & Louise Dullard New York City Marathon - USA
I enjoyed every minute of my Marathon from running through Central Park with Rob De Castella and his group to the celebration drinks. Travelling Fit definitely take the stress out of not having to be worried about getting to the event. The team of staff are brilliant.Read More
Jane Kessner, SA New York City Marathon - USA
My Prague experience was sensational, a real eye opener and the Marathon was great to be part of. The organisers here did a fantastic job in running the event. In regards to the accommodation, the location was amazing, I stepped outside the hotel straight into the runners marshaling area which was such a benefit, no belongings to leave, just ...Read More
Joe Tarquinio, VIC Prague Marathon - Czech Republic

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