AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK MARATHON 29 JULY 2023 The true heart of Australia Click Here for more information Travelling Fit - Great Ocean Road Running Festival #travellingfit #runtheworld #gorrf GREAT OCEAN ROAD RUNNING FESTIVAL 21 MAY 2023 See the beauty and panoramic views of the Southern Ocean Click Here for more information ICELAND VOLCANO MARATHON 12 AUGUST 2023 Come and see the real "Land of Ice and Fire" Click Here for more information Marathon du Medoc MARATHON DU MEDOC FRANCE - 02 SEPTEMBER 2023 NOW ACCEPTING PRELIMINARY DEPOSITS FOR 2023 Now Accepting Preliminary Deposits for 2022 Travelling Fit - Petra Desert Marathon #travellingfit #runtheworld #petradesertmarathon PETRA DESERT MARATHON JORDAN - 02 SEPTEMBER 2023 ONE OF THE NEW 7 WONDERS AWAITS 2023 PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE Travelling Fit - Melbourne MELBOURNE RUNNING FESTIVAL 15 OCTOBER 2023 We are the Official Travel Service Provider, and sponsor, for the Melbourne Marathon