The whole experience was unreal! The Travelling Fit crew were amazing, fun, super professional and great support cheering us on as they saw us all cross the finish line. The tips given in our Travelling pack were very useful. The tours and guides were excellent. I had a great time! Thank you!Read More
Ana Caroline Kraucher Viles, NSW Great Wall Marathon - China
The hotel used for the Berlin Marathon was fantastic with nice big rooms and great location. A winner! Also, the city tour in Berlin was brilliant! Travelling Fit puts a lot of thought and effort into giving their runners a wonderful experience. Well done!Read More
Peter Stelmach, QLD Berlin Marathon - Germany
I received outstanding service from Travelling Fit and a totally stress free experience especially as the hotel I stayed at was in a great location. I continued on to do the Classic Tour of Greece after completing the Athens Marathon and I must say that the guides on the tour were exceptional. I had a great experience. Thank you!Read More
Conor Maguire, QLD Athens Marathon, the Authentic - Greece
Travelling Fit made my first marathon in Disney a smooth and seamless process. All my questions were answered along the way (and I had a lot lol). Nothing was too much trouble. I loved that they had experience in what they were talking about and could give me advice when I was nervous about the event. I will certainly be using them again :) Read More
Sharon Dorward, QLD Walt Disney World Marathon - USA
The Cuban trip was fantastic. I loved it! I have wanted to go to Cuba all my life and I would describe the experience as a holiday to Cuba with a 26.2 run/walk included. I wasn’t sure that doing the tour before the race was the best idea, however I’ve changed my mind on that. It gave us all a chance to get to know one another and to bond ...Read More
Stephanie Byrne, Ireland Havana Marathon, Cuba
This is the first time I had ever used the Travelling Fit experience. I can’t fault any of the team contacts both before and during the run. Didn’t have to ask for anything, all the information was timely and easy to understand. My New York City Half Marathon experience with Travelling Fit was fantastic. This was a bucket list item for me ...Read More
Patrick Mckinnon, VIC New York City Half Marathon - USA
This was my 10th Travelling Fit running package and I can’t say enough about the individual attention and time given to me in making sure I have a great customer experience. Staff are always quick to reply and proactive in offering to handle and do additional things for me like flight suggestions, side trips, reminders to get visas, ESTA, ...Read More
Jill Hennessy, NSW Boston Marathon - USA
It was an absolute treat to not have to plan anything or worry about anything. Very efficient and well organised and coordinated. Just be wherever at whatever thinking, just enjoy. Travelling Fit staff, you were so lovely, caring, friendly and fun.Read More
Beverley Green, QLD Great Wall Marathon - China
I wanted to email and say thank-you for one of the best (in fact maybe it is the best) races I have ever run. It was an exceptional experience and the organisation by Travelling Fit was superb. You guys really did think of EVERYTHING and I have never run a race where so much was included from the meal the night before to a really good running ...Read More
Teri Lichtenstein – VIC Australian Outback Marathon - Australia
I did it! I cannot express the absolute joy I felt crossing the Finish line after 89km's!! It was the most gruelling run I have ever done and the most amazing mental and physical experience. In fact from the minute I arrived I have witnessed the human spirit at its best. Everyone in every way has been committed to the spirit of Comrades!! I ...Read More
Marilyn, NSW Comrades Marathon - South Africa

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