The Great Wall Marathon and its 5,164 steps might just be the most historically significant race location in the world. 

Taking place on the third Saturday in May, this marathon isn’t just a test of physical strength, it’s an adventure along one of the world’s most astonishing ancient wonders. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a passionate traveller seeking a unique challenge, this event promises an unforgettable experience. 

If you’re thinking about tackling this famous race, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Great Wall Marathon route.

Great Wall Marathon Map

Check out the map below to see the route for the marathon, half marathon and fun run.

Great Wall Marathon Course Map - Source: Great Wall Marathon

Stage 1: Great Wall ascent and the infamous “Goat Track”

No matter what race type you choose, all runners complete the same 8.5km to start the race. 

Commencing at Yin and Yang Square within the ancient Huangyaguan fortress. 

Participants commence the race along Jinwei Highway, travelling south for the first kilometre.

The route then takes a turn onto Changcheng Highway, leading runners into a challenging 4 km ascent towards the entrance of the Great Wall. This uphill path tests endurance early in the race.

Upon reaching the 5 km mark, the course transforms as runners meet the iconic steps of the Great Wall. A captivating 3 km stretch on the wall itself includes a loop around the fortress walls, offering breathtaking views and a glimpse into China’s rich history. 

This section of the race is regarded as having the most intense elevation gain of the Great Wall Marathon.

The course then introduces a dramatic change at the 7 km point with the ‘Goat Track’, a 700 m steep descent back towards Yin and Yang Square. 

After rounding the fortress walls at the 8 km point, fun runners end their race in Yin and Yang Square while the half marathon and full marathon runners continue south towards Duanzhuang village.


Stage 2: Enjoy the scenes towards Duanzhuang village 

The next 4.5 km follows a picturesque route along the river towards Duanzhuang village. This stretch offers a scenic run, with views of the river and surrounding landscapes. It’s a chance for participants to appreciate the rural tranquillity of the region.

As they approach the 13km mark, the course takes the runners across the river. This is where the half-marathon runners and full-marathon runners route splits into 2. 

Half-marathon runners turn left to complete a 4 km loop through Duanzhuang village while full marathon runners continue south towards Xiaying.

Stage 3: Test yourself through the Chinese countryside

After the split at 13 km, marathon runners head south to Xiaying, transitioning from village energy to the tranquillity of the countryside. 

At 16 km, the route exits Xiaying, leading east on Maying Highway towards Dongjiafen village. The landscape is dotted with traditional homes and local farms, providing a rich cultural experience.

As runners arrive at the 20 km mark, they commence a 6 km loop passing through the village of Qingshanling. This steep section is challenging, however, it offers a deeper insight into the local community and their way of life.

Exiting the loop at 26 km, runners face a challenging climb up to Chedaoyu village, testing endurance and strength. Once at the village, a steep descent begins back towards Duanzhuang village. Both the full-marathon and half-marathon participants reunite just before the village at the 29 km and 16 km marks respectively.

A Great Wall Marathon Participant

Stage 4: Great Wall – Round 2

Once the half marathon and full marathon routes reunite, the runners cross a bridge back to Jinwei Highway. From there, they begin to run back towards Yin and Yang Square. 

This is where half-marathon runners finish their race and head straight for the square. For marathon runners however, they turn right and begin to mentally prepare navigating the great wall portion of the run once more. 

This time in reverse, runners start by ascending the ultra-steep ‘Goat Track’, before descending 5km down the Great Wall towards Yin and Yang Square where their finish line finally awaits.

Supply stations

Water stations are positioned approximately every 4 kilometres throughout the race. Along with water, select stations will also offer energy drinks and bananas. Each station supplies bottled water for runners.

For marathon runners, energy gels will be available at the 26km and 35km marks.

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