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Keep reading to find out our top 8 most scenic marathons in the world!

Imagine running along one of the world’s most iconic and ancient structures, the Great Wall of China. 

Imagine running along one of the world’s most famous historical landmarks. 

The Great Wall Marathon offers just that, an exhilarating challenge that weaves through the rolling hills and imposing towers of China’s legendary Great Wall. 

Starting in the village of Huangyaguan, the course takes runners across more than 5,000 stone steps and rugged terrain.

The race’s unique combination of historical significance and natural beauty is what makes it special. 

This event also features a Half Marathon option for anyone who is looking for a shorter race.

Most Scenic Marathons In The World

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the highest peaks in the world, the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is an adventure of a lifetime. 

Originating from Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5,364 meters, this marathon is the highest in the world, offering participants an unparalleled challenge. 

As runners descend through rugged trails in the heart of the Himalayas, they experience awe-inspiring views of frosty peaks and sherpa settlements. 

The marathon goes through traditional Sherpa villages like Gorak Shep, Lobuche, and Namche Bazaar, where runners can see and experience the local lifestyle and traditions that have supported Himalayan expeditions for decades.

The marathon commemorates the first successful ascent of Everest by Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary with the course itself tracing part of the route used during their 1953 expedition.

This challenging race offers more than just a physical test, connecting runners with the history and culture of one of the world’s most iconic landscapes.

Note: The Tenzing Hillary Marathon also features a 70km Ultra Marathon and Half Marathon distance.

Tenzing Hillary Everest 23

The Icefjord Midnight Marathon offers a truly unique racing experience as it unfolds under the ethereal glow of the midnight sun in Greenland. 

Runners set off on a course that skirts the vast, awe-inspiring Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its immense icebergs and breathtaking scenery. 

Traversing through rocky terrain and the Arctic tundra, The route provides endless natural beauty and a rare glimpse into one of the planet’s most extraordinary environments. 

Expect to see views of massive icebergs floating in the fjord, Arctic wildlife, such as seals and seabirds and vibrant wildflowers that grow during the summer months

Another highlight is the contrast of the bright night sky against the stark ice which creates a surreal backdrop for marathoners.

This race offers an exceptional experience, combining the challenge of a marathon with the serene beauty of Arctic landscapes under the midnight sun.

Note: The Icefjord Midnight Marathon also offers a Half Marathon distance.

Icefjord Midnight 47

The Petra Desert Marathon leads runners through one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites, offering an extraordinary blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty. 

The race starts in the ancient city of Petra, allowing participants to run through the iconic Siq—a narrow gorge flanked by towering sandstone cliffs that leads to the Treasury, Petra’s most celebrated monument. 

As the course winds its way out of the historical city, it unfolds into the rugged desert landscapes of Wadi Musa, presenting challenging climbs and rewarding runners with panoramic views of the desert’s vast expanse.

Throughout the race, runners will also pass through areas that are still used by local Bedouin tribes, providing glimpses into their traditional nomadic lifestyle, which has been a part of the region’s heritage for centuries.

The terrain varies from sandy trails to rocky paths, reflecting the harsh beauty of the Jordanian desert. 

Along the route, runners encounter remnants of Nabatean civilisation, adding an element of historical exploration to the physical challenge. 

This race offers an unforgettable journey through the heart of ancient Petra, blending the thrill of the run with the awe of exploring a timeless landscape.

Note: The Petra Desert Marathon also offers a Half Marathon distance.

Petra Desert Marathon 2017

The Polar Circle Marathon, often dubbed “the coolest marathon on Earth,” offers runners an extraordinary adventure in one of the most remote parts of the world. 

Held in Greenland, the race takes participants directly into the Arctic ice cap, a stark yet stunning landscape that few ever have the chance to experience firsthand. 

The marathon route includes a stretch on the ice cap itself, covered in a permanent snow layer, providing a unique challenge of stability and endurance.

As runners leave the ice cap, the course winds through the tundra, where sub-zero temperatures and potential sightings of Arctic wildlife like musk oxen and snow hares add to the race’s extreme nature. 

The varying landscape, from glacier views to rocky mountain terrain, encapsulates the raw beauty of Greenland.

Participating in this marathon offers a rare opportunity to connect with the untouched Arctic wilderness, creating memories that endure as long as the landscapes themselves.

Note: The Polar Circle Marathon also offers a Half Marathon distance. Participants who finish both the Marathon on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday complete the Polar Bear Challenge.

Dsc9985 Scaled

The Big Five Marathon is an extraordinary event that blends the thrill of marathon running with the adventure of an African safari. 

Hosted in the Limpopo province of South Africa, this marathon offers participants the unique opportunity to run through the habitat of the African Big Five: lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinoceroses. 

The race takes place within the Entabeni Safari Conservancy, a stunning wildlife environment that boasts breathtaking landscapes, from savannahs to dense bushveld and towering mountains.

Typically starting at sunrise, you’ll also have the opportunity to see the savannah bathed in the early morning light.

Runners navigate a route that might include river crossings and steep climbs, challenging their stamina and agility. 

If the idea of mixing a race with an African wildlife safari excites you, the Big Five Marathon is for you.

Note: The Big Five Marathon also offers a Half Marathon distance.

Big Five Marathon 16

The Australian Outback Marathon offers runners a unique journey through the heart of Australia’s iconic desert landscape. 

With the majestic Uluru and the Olgas as a constant backdrop, participants are treated to some of the most extraordinary views imaginable. 

The course winds through the red dust and sparse vegetation of the Outback, providing a stark yet striking setting that challenges and inspires.

Runners find themselves enveloped in the vastness of the desert, where the horizon stretches endlessly and the skies open up in a panorama of changing colours as the sun rises. 

This marathon not only tests physical endurance but also offers a rare connection to a landscape that is quintessentially Australian, filled with the tranquillity and beauty of the remote Outback.

This event is a perfect blend of physical challenge and natural beauty, making it a must-do for marathoners seeking to combine their love of running with an unforgettable travel experience.

Note: The Australian Outback Marathon also offers a Half Marathon, 11km and 6km events.

Aom 22

The Great Ocean Road Marathon is an exhilarating race that stretches along one of the most beautiful coastal routes in the world. 

Participants run alongside the rugged cliffs of Australia’s coastline, enjoying uninterrupted views of the vast, rolling Southern Ocean. 

The road curves around rocky headlands and through lush rainforest sections, offering a dynamic and visually engaging course.

The event weaves through small seaside towns, where local communities come out to cheer and support the runners, adding a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the exhilarating challenge.

By combining physical endurance with spectacular natural beauty, the Great Ocean Road Marathon stands out as a bucket-list event for runners around the globe.

Note: The Great Ocean Road Running Festival also offers a range of distances, ranging from an ultra distance of 60km to a 10km trail run, to the 1.5km kids gallop.

Great Ocean Road 8 (1)

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