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Often, although reaching the same tour location, Marathon travellers each make their way via a different route. This is why it’s important to know the rules surrounding visas in the countries in which you are planning to visit, similarly for any destination post run. As we aren’t involved in flights for our clients, you need to ensure that any visas to allow travel between countries are arranged prior to leaving Australia, or you know what is required in order to arrive at your destination.

When booking a particular event, we will always provide advice as to what you need to arrange for your journey, but ultimately how prepared you are is up to the individual traveller. We are always on hand to offer assistance, so when we recommend you arrange details such as visas before you leave, it’s because we’ve been through the process before.

If you’re happy to pay for peace of mind, we recommend Visalink, who specialise in providing Australian travellers with the relevant visas needed to reach destinations all over the world. This service is convenient if you need assistance in arranging your travel documentation and would like someone to take care of all the legwork for you.

With a full range of services, Visalink can assist with travel visas for over 200 destinations across the globe, whether that’s a US ESTA or something more obscure. They offer a personalised service with real-time tracking, so you know when your supporting materials have arrived, and how far along your process has tracked. Eliminating the need for you to visit, liaise or correspond with the embassy or consulate of your destination country, Visalink may be the right choice for your travel needs.

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For quick reference when travelling, ensure you:

To find out more about how Visalink can assist you,
please check them out.


Iceland Volcano Marathon FAQs

The Iceland Volcano Marathon is a standard marathon length of 42.195, 26.2 miles which is approximately kilometres. 

There are also half marathon (21.1km) and quarter-marathon (10.55km) race options as well.

The Iceland Volcano Marathon is considered a challenging event, given its unique terrain and environmental conditions. 

The course takes runners through volcanic landscapes, including soft trails, uneven ground, and areas of lava fields, which can be more demanding than the paved surfaces found in urban marathons. 

Additionally, the variable weather conditions in Iceland, even in July, can add to the challenge, with possibilities of wind, rain, or unusually warm temperatures.

The event is well-organised, with aid stations and support to help runners manage the demanding course.

Preparation for the terrain and potential weather conditions is key to enjoying and completing the marathon.

Trail Running: To get accustomed to uneven and soft terrain, improving stability and strength.

Hill Workouts: Include hill repeats to build leg strength and endurance for the course’s inclines and declines.

Appropriate Gear: Train in the shoes and clothing you plan to use on race day to ensure comfort and suitability for the terrain and weather.

Weather Preparation: Train in conditions that mimic Iceland’s potential wind, rain, and cooler temperatures to acclimate.

Pacing Strategy: Start conservatively and consider walking the steeper hills to conserve energy.

Nutrition and Hydration: Practise your race-day nutrition and hydration strategy during long runs to find what works best for you.

Mental Preparation: Visualise the course and mentally prepare for the challenge, building resilience through varied training conditions.

Recovery: Focus on recovery with rest days and techniques like foam rolling or yoga to aid muscle recovery.

Simulation Runs: Do back-to-back long runs to simulate race-day fatigue and practice running on tired legs.

The Iceland Volcano Marathon presents a unique challenge not just because of its terrain but also due to the altitude in which it takes place.

Although Iceland is not known for extremely high elevations like those found in mountainous marathon locations, the race’s location near Lake Mývatn can still have a notable impact on performance due to its elevation above sea level.

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