Written By Glenn & Josette Merchant

Berlin was the 7th overseas marathon that I have been able to participate in with the assistance of Travelling Fit. As with all of our previous events our Travelling Fit representative Lee Peacock was an excellent host whose efforts made the event go as smoothly as possible. Lee was both helpful and very supportive of both runners and our families and support crew and helped make a great experience even more enjoyable.

As a runner who isn’t fast enough to meet the aged based qualifying times, Travelling Fit provides the perfect opportunity to be able to participate in these wonderful events. The marathon package for Berlin provided the perfect opportunity to meet other like-minded people both before and after the run. The packages are set up in such a way that much of the worry around being in a strange place isn’t there and we really only have to concern ourselves with getting to the start and finish lines.

Like all of the major marathons I have been fortunate enough to take part in, the city of Berlin really embraces the marathon and the runners. The crowd support along pretty much the whole 42.2 kms is amazing and wonderfully supportive.

When I take part in these big events I wear the Travelling fit shirt with my name and Australia on it. It gives you such a lift when you hear a stranger call your name and encourage you or just a fellow Aussie yelling support to you from the crowd. By participating in Berlin I can also say that I took part in a run where the world record was broken and I can’t think of any other event or sport where that could be remotely possible for me.