And having a marathon mindset.
Written by: bianca drieberg, about that trip

Hey, good news! The new year is the perfect time to restart. We get to shake off the last year, even previous habits, and start fresh

For experienced runners, albeit potentially void of races in more recent times, it’s important to remember the long-term mindset that you have as a runner. Distance runners have this in spades.

42.2kms doesn’t come easily – neither does 10km, for that matter! And both types of runners know that their goal isn’t going to happen all at once. They need to break down their large goals into bite sized chunks. And it starts with training – for the burn in the legs. The increase in heart rate. It’s a practice! And one you can start today, even if you don’t have a race picked out for the year yet.

And here’s your reminder – you already have the mental endurance required for starting early and navigating whatever pops up. Arguably more so after the year that was. Here’s to tapping back into running for a reason that renews your motivation this year.
Think about what is most important to you right now and why.

Be honest with yourself because a good goal is one that will motivate you. Set a goal that you know you’ll pursue relentlessly because you want to. Also, make sure that your goal is personal, with an emotional connection that will help sustain you when the going gets tough. Because inevitably it will, but there’s always the glory of what’s on the other side of it.