Thank you for a wonderfully organised Berlin marathon.

After a couple of days of excruciating muscle soreness, it’s smooth sailing on the body front. I’ll probably go for a cheeky 5km run with my other half tomorrow morning in the countryside around Cambridge.

After running (albeit slowly) the first half of Berlin, I did start to look for underground stations and taxis on the basis that I’d done what I set out to do. But by the time I got to 25km I doubled down and thought I might as well push on. My other half surprised me at 35km which was awesome and was at the finish line also.

I think part of the reason for pushing myself to finish was the fact that I couldn’t really wear all the gear I’d bought, including the finisher’s top, if I didn’t actually finish the run 🙂

The Mövenpick was a great find. Perfect spot and our room was very spacious. Guy used the gym a couple of times during our stay. The breaky was yummy. Wouldn’t it be great to be presented with yummy cut up fresh fruit and bircher every morning.

Oh, you should also know that Sonja, the masseuse, was very good. I have lots of massages – not just in Australia but around the world for my skiing. And Sonja was one of the best. I’ve never had a floor massage before. It was very helpful to receive your email early on with booking details so we could make a post run massage appointment and then forget about it.

I hope to see you all again soon. Perhaps Travelling Fit Berlin 2021! I’d be very happy to run it again. Berlin is a great city. Perhaps a time around 4hrs would be nice – actually, ideally 3hrs 59min. Would be nice to say ’sub 4’. Plus 6 hours running/jogging/walking is pretty full on.

Thanks again.