For some reason, I was extra emotional about Berlin. I don’t know if it was because I’d just missed out on Boston, or because it was so far away without my kids, or if it was because I was hoping to pull off something HUGE with a goal of a 3:30 finish, a 4+ minute PB. But from the first time I met the Travelling Fit Team in the lobby there was a bit of calm because I felt like, you know what, for once, someone else has got this covered for me.

I didn’t need to think of anything except the race, and that was a lot of cognitive load removed.

I do all my training alone, and I love it. So it was unexpected that another really awesome part of Berlin was meeting others in the group. Immediately it felt like camaraderie. I met some amazing people immediately that first day and had huge laughs with Julie, Sandra, and Abbie before Julie and I impulsively took off to try out some Nike Next %!

I had already met Katie briefly in Tokyo, so it was great catching up with her throughout, and to share the anxious start-line experience with an amazing bunch of girls (Katie, Robyn, Sonya, and Miriam) was unreal. I even had the opportunity to catch Miriam and Julie on the course and have another shared experience (of disappointment) with them, which kind of helped me move through and refocus on just getting to that damn finish.

Damo had a lot of fun spectating and it was also a massive relief to know that he wasn’t wondering around lost but that he was hanging out and being organised by some rad ladies! Yeah, I didn’t get my 3:30 goal and that was disappointing, but I had an amazing experience and that is very much attributable to Travelling Fit!

Every time I saw  the Travelling Fit team it was calming. Every time I saw someone in a Travelling Fit top, it was awesome. I LOVED the Travelling Fit experience and I am so extra excited that my final star is going to be with Travelling Fit. BOSTON BABY, I can’t wait!!!

Boston may be my last star, but I’m not done with my runcations and I hope I get the opportunity to do plenty more with TF.,

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again!!!