I did Paris Marathon on my own – at that stage I had not heard of Travelling Fit but as I am from the UK and have done some Travel in Europe I was not worried booking this on my own.  My friend who I did China with did do Paris with Travelling Fit and said they were amazing so it was an easy choice.

The atmosphere at the Great Wall Marathon was just awesome and vibrant. Everybody was just so excited and pumped. Before we went inside and we were in what was the Market area and the band was playing Jingle Bells over and over it just melted my heart.  I will always now hear that song and think of China. I was so excited at the start line as the Great Wall was a bucket list run for me that came real.

After doing the Inspection on the Thursday I was a little worried about making the cut off but I always wanted to enjoy every moment. This run for me was an experience, not about time but making that first 6 hour cut off. I was so excited when I set out and I loved every part of this run. Being on the Wall was one thing but running through the villages and seeing all the spectators that came out to see us and support us was just awesome and I loved seeing the, especially all the children.

Dave and I came back into Yinyang Square around 5 hours 10 so we were rapt with that as we were able to enjoy the first 35k and take it all in. Going back up the Wall was so exciting but also sad as we knew once we were done that was it. Once we got up the first steps I looked at my watch and said to my husband “we have just over 2.5 hours to do the last kms so we decided to take our time and enjoy being on the Wall” which is exactly what we did – we took photos and chatted to people and at one point just sat on top of the steps and just looked back to take in where we had just come from – it was just amazing.

The finish was just awesome; so much support from everybody and the guy that handed me my medal gave me the biggest hug and hugged me for ages didn’t let go till I let go of him. I was just so emotional! My entire experience was just amazing and I will and have been telling everybody to do this run with Travelling Fit as its just so well organised and just an amazing run.

I decided to start running in 2015 from zero running. My life previous consisted of Netball, Basketball, Squash and I was also competing in Wakeboarding. I hung up my wakeboard boots and went back to the Gym and I needed to be outside so decided to run. I decided that the Great Wall was going to be my first Marathon as you go from Zero Running to running on the Great Wall of China.

I met an amazing and inspiring lady called Sharon who I did China with and China happened to also be her bucket list. I have been running with Sharon since 2015 where I met her at City to Surf and she did not know me from a bar of soap, yet she stayed with me for the entire Half Marathon, giving up her own time to make sure I was OK.  We have run together since.

China has always been on my Radar and then with a Sydney Marathon and a 70.3 and an IM in between China Wall became a reality and I was able to do this run with my best friend who is my Husband and my High School friend of 33 years and Sharon. I was so blessed to have done this run with these amazing souls and the run was just breathtaking.

I would not hesitate to do another event with Travelling Fit – you guys are AMAZING