Marathon des Sables was AMAZING! I can see how it is addictive. At the time I said I would never do it again but the further away I get from it, I just feel so fondly about it.

The main thing I miss/loved is the camaraderie amongst all the racers, even the medical team/organizers! It honestly felt we were all one big team, trying to help and support each other through. I loved that I could walk up to a random dude of different nationality and ask him anything about who he was, his motivation, how he’s going (actually how he’s going, not generic “fine” answers) and there’s no agenda. I didn’t feel any agenda, sexual or otherwise, the whole time I was there.

I feel like I made 800+ new friends- the best. It made me sad to leave and have to adhere to standard social norms again ????

Pre-race I had no idea what to expect. My goals were literally to not die and to finish. Anything more than that was a bonus. So finishing, enjoying it and performing better than I thought I would, was amazing!

I had a great experience travelling with Travelling Fit. The Travelling Fit rep was an absolute legend, perfect balance of being chilled out and letting us do our own thing and getting necessary tasks done. I felt really supported by him before and during the race, he’s such a down to earth, lovely guy!

The Travelling Fit pre-event package was good too and something I would do again.

I really appreciate all your help during the planning process. And also for your email during the race – it put a big smile on my face. I really didn’t appreciate prior to the race how much each email was going to encourage me in the coming stages! So thanks you!!