Marathon des Sables. Done. Phew!

It certainly lived up to its tagline – ‘The Toughest Footrace on Earth’

220km over six days, totally self sufficient meaning carrying everything you need for 6 days, ie sleeping gear, food etc.. (for me a 7.5kg backpack not including water!) – sharp rocky terrain mixed with soft sand, crazy distances through massive sand dunes, and then the odd mountain thrown in. Not forgetting a top temp of 41 degrees and a sand storm in the mix.

The MDS is more than an ultra-marathon running race, its a mental race – constantly watching your footing, and managing your hydration and food intake. Its a lengthy slog!

The moment you cross the finish line is incredible – the finish to an amazing journey that your mind and body has been through, pushed to its limits. A very emotional end to an unforgettable adventure.

I’m very grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to take part in this event…

Massive thank you’s to my running pal Finny for coming along on this crazy adventure, to all the friends who sent me the messages that were delivered to my tent each day, to the rest of the #tent104 gang for the giggles and support, to the others that came with Travelling Fit ably guided by the the legend Gary ????????, and also the volunteers in the medic tent who patched up so many feet over the week, mine were relatively unscathed in comparison!

Most importantly the biggest ???? and gratitude to my wife and kids for encouraging and supporting me before and during MDS ????????